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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a dynamic company committed to exceeding our customer expectations and taking the lead in the marketing of high quality products and services in the sub Sahara region, East African Cables Ltd continues to reinforce our processes, systems and operations to ensure we remain a socially responsible organization.

Our CSR is pegged on our strong belief that our employees and customer safety comes first. We also strive to ensure that we maintain high ethical standards as we take practical steps to ensure that we mitigate potential adverse effects from our commercial or environmental aspects of operations.

We take pride in sharing the society’s general concerns by facilitating positive social development amongst the regions in which we operate and derive our income.

In the year under review, we set off by having health awareness drives for our employees. We had a free medical check-up for all our staff conducted by medical insurance services provider AAR.

We also continued with our efforts to increase awareness on HIV/Aids and Breast Cancer by organizing a series of workshops for the staff.

As part of team building efforts, we organized an event dubbed, “The Navigator” where all our employees spent half-a-day in challenging their physical and mental activities. In line with our belief that freedom comes with responsibility in all what we do, the staff had the opportunity to mingle freely during this informal session.

The company also entered into a number of contracts with the Directorate of Industrial Training to offer apprenticeship to students in order to learn their occupations and gain practical experience. This will help the students acquire relevant practical skills and equip them in order to build a meaningful career in the future.

We are constantly pursuing excellence by actively engaging in training programmes for a number of urban and rural based electrical technicians.

We have also taken it upon ourselves to raise the public awareness levels on the negative impact of using fake, counterfeit and substandard cables.

Zinduka Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Zinduka campaign

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