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Tanzania (Saba Saba) Trade Fair
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The Trade fair (commonly known as Saba saba) is an annual event where companies from across the globe show case their products and services to the Tanzanian people.

Zinduka Campaign Launch
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EAC Zinduka Campaign Launch

Investor Briefing 2012
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EAC Supports TWF
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East African Cables recently donated towards the The Wildlife Foundation (TWF), community Conservation fund.

Fundi Campaign
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EAC Countrywide Fundi Campaign & Accreditation

Investor Briefing 2011
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East African Cables Investor Briefing 9th February 2011 at Fairmount Norfolk Nairobi

Kenya Homes Expo
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East African Cables participated in the 13th Kenya Homes Expo at KICC: 13th-17th April 2011

Mombasa Home Expo
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East African Cables participated in the 5th Mombasa Homes Expo at Sarova Whitesands: 22nd-24th April 2011

Annual General Meeting 2011
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East African Cables Annual General Meeting 2011 held at the Head Office on Addis Ababa Rd Nairobi on 28th April 2011

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Zinduka Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Zinduka campaign

LME Metal Prices


23rd Apr


Cash Buyer


3 Month Ave


Copper 6939.00 6985.00
Aluminium 2463.00 2450.00
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